What Is The Meaning Of Semantic Blocks In The Context Of Communication?


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Words, of course, are symbols, and therefore limited because they cannot have precisely the same meaning for every one. Since words can mean different things, their different meanings may block communication. The study of word choice is called semantics, so the kinds of blocks that arise from word choice are called semantic blocks.

Even if you are skilled enough to avoid problems such as incomprehensible jargon and overly pompous words, you may still run into semantic problems because of the different shades of meaning between words. Semanticists call this difference—the impression or aura associated with a word—its connotation, as distinguished from its denotation, or explicit formal definition. Consider, for example, the difference between inexpensive and cheap: cheap has a more negative connotation. Consider the differences between heavy and weighty, soiled and filthy, divide and sever.

We fined a more subtle connotative difference between, say, hold and accommodate: accommodate has a more positive connotation. Consider the subtle differences between chronic and inveterate, stately and majestic, command and direct, compute and calculate.

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