Does The Presence Of Cigarette Smoke Affect The Growth Rate Of Plants?


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Yes, the presence of cigarette smoke does affect the growth rate of plants.  I'll try to explain why in better detail below:

  • Smoking releases over 4000 chemicals into the air, including carbon monoxide, ta, formaldehyde and even pesticides.  These chemicals coat everything in the room - your carpets, furniture, clothes, and plants.
  • Plants breathe through small pores which can become clogged if they're coated with a lot of chemicals from cigarette smoke.  This reduces the plant's respiration capabilities, and leads to less carbon dioxide absorption, alongside less oxygen being released.
  • Photosynthesis occurs when light enters the leaves of a plant.  If they're covered with cigarette smoke chemicals they can't absorb as much light.  Growth is severely affected at this stage.
  • Alongside photosynthesis, plants absorb nutrients from the soil.  Chemicals from cigarette smoke pollute the soil, affecting the plant's ability to gain the nutrients it requires.

As you can see, cigarette smoke does indeed affect the growth rate of plants.  If that wasn't a good enough reason for smokers to quit, just imagine what it can do to the human body!

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Nicotine is extremely harmful substance, it is able to kill not just a human organism, but also plants. If you're a smoker, please don't smoke indoors, otherwise your home plants have no chances for normal growing. As soon as I quitted cigarettes (in favor to safe and healthy dry herb vaporizer), I immediately started feeling and breathing better.

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