Does Water Temperature Affect The Growth On Plants?


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It can. If its too hot it can kill them and if its to cold it can frezee them
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Lets say,there are 3 kinds of water temperature-the hot,cold and lukewarm water(normal).
We have to use cottons since this are just experimentation. Get 3 cups.Label the cups with A,B and C.
Put each cups with the same amount of cotton. Place at least 5 mongo seeds on the top of the cotton. And then water Cup A with lukewarm, Cup B with hot and Cup C with cold. Water them 2 times a day-every morning and afternoon. Observe each seeds for a week. Make a data and compare them.

My hypothesis or my "educated" guess since I'm not finish with my experimentation is that the seeds with cold and hot water grow faster or increase its height and its leaves FASTER compared to the lukewarm water. I hope I can help. I still have 2 day to finish my experiment.
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