What Are The Climatic Conditions Needed For Growing Of Rubber Plants?


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Here are the environmental requirements for a rubber tree:

The soil requirement of the plant is generally well-drained weathered soil consisting of laterite, lateritic types, sedimentary types, nonlateritic red or alluvial soils.

The climatic conditions for optimum growth of Rubber trees consist of
a. Rainfall of around 250 cm evenly distributed without any marked dry season and with at least 100 rainy days per annum
b. Temperature range of about 20°C to 34°C with a monthly mean of 25°C to 28°C
c. High atmospheric humidity of around 80%
d. Bright sunshine amounting to about 2000 hours per annum at the rate of 6 hours per day throughout the year and
e. Absence of strong winds.

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