Where Is Leyton, UK?


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Leyton is the name of a town situated in the borough of Waltham Forest in London. Charing Cross or the centre of London lies around ten kilometres south west of Charing Cross. It is located to the north-east of London city. The Prime Meridian passes through Leyton town. There is also a Leyton Underground and a Leyton Midland Road Railway Station.

The A12 passes through Leyton and so does the A11. Walthamstow is to the north and Ilford lies to the east.

The town is famous for its horticulture market which is known for its specialty of exotic vegetables and fruits. There are also a number of pubs to be found in the area. Leyton was once famous for its Leyton Cricket Ground, though it is no longer in professional use it is used by the local schools and they are more than happy with it.

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