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Communication is a process of delivering information ideas and attitude to other people.
The term communication could also be defined as.The exchange or transfer of knowledge, information, ideas or attitude from one person to another.The person who is transferring information is source and the person who is receiving information is receiver.This process is called communication.

The transfer of information, ideas, attitude or knowledge from one place to another whether by the use of signals, signs, symbols or by words (spoken or written) will be called communication

Message  source  receiver  feedback.

According to above chat message is conveyed to source, source convey message to receiver after getting the message, the receiver show reaction which is feed back. This is communication cycle.This cycle of communication is mostly for interpersonal communication, group communication or non verbal communication etc.

Source  encode  signal  decode  destination.

This circle of communication if for mass communication. For this, some medium is required any communication medium.Source encode message to signal, which is medium, then message is decoded and reach to destination.In this feedback is lacking.
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Communication is the processes of transferring information from one person by the use of a medium. The process always has a sender at one end and a receiver at the other. The communication needs to take place using a particular medium. Anything that interferes with the process of communication is known as noise.

The three main aspect of communication are Content in terms of the information contained in the message, Form in terms of what kind of communication it is and Destination in terms of who the communication is meant for. Communication can be of two types; Verbal communication which essentially uses words to transfer a particular message or Non verbal communication that can take the form of anything from signs to symbols or expression and tone of voice.
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Communication is sending and receiving messages or ideas from one person to another person.
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A communication is the means or technique used to convey a message. It may be a conversation, letter, telephone call, radio or television programme. The sender should choose a channel that suits his communication purpose, needs of the message and the needs of the receiver. The choice of channel, in fact, depends on the nature of the message and the relationship between the sender and the receiver
Urgency of a message is a primary factor in whether to use the written or spoken medium. The written medium is usually preferred when the message is long, technical or formal in nature, and when the message must be documented .The oral medium is effective when the message is urgent or personal or immediate feedback is of great importance.
Written media used inside the organization may be memos, reports, employee manuals, electronic bulletin boards, even internal faxes, policy statements and company magazines. Oral communication may take the form of staff-meetings, reports, face-to-face discussions, presentations, audiotapes, telephone chats, teleconferences or videotapes.
External written communication media may be letters, reports, telegrams, cablegrams, mail grams, faxes, post-cards, ads, brochures, catalogues, news releases and circulars etc. A person may communicate orally in face discussions, by telephone, or speak to groups in live presentations through teleconferences, video conferences or television.
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Communication has been traditionally identified to be:
"The process of exchanging information usually through a common system of symbols".
For a proper communication, there are Seven C's that it should meet. The seven C's are:
Conciseness, Correctness, Courtesy, Clarity, Completeness, Concreteness and Consideration. Now, the eighth C, Credibility, is also taken into account.

The more the communication meets above Cs, by selecting different communications criteria according to needs, the more effective it becomes.
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To communicate.

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