How Much Is Bronze Per Kilo?


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Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin so to work out the value of a kilogram of bronze, it is essential to first ascertain the value of both a kilogram of copper and a kilogram of tin.
A kilogram of copper sold at scrap merchants will generally sell for around $8, while a kilogram of tin will sell for $18. If we bear in mind that copper and tin are used to make bronze, we now need to see what percentage of bronze is copper and what percentage of it is tin. To make 10 pounds of bronze, 4 pounds of tin are mixed with 6 pounds of copper. 6pounds of copper is equivalent to 2.7 kilograms, and 4 pounds of tin is equivalent to 1.8 kilograms. 
2.7 kilograms of copper at $8 per kilogram, makes the copper element of the bronze worth $21.60. The tin element of 1.8 kilograms at $18 per kilogram is valued at $32.40. Adding $32.40 and $21.60 together, means that 4.5 kg of bronze is valued at $54, so a single kilogram would be worth $12.
Bronze is a hard and brittle alloy, which is not at all magnetic. It is still less brittle than iron, and can be completely destroyed if copper chlorides are formed as it develops 'bronze disease'.

Despite being brittle, bronze is a more flexible material than many metals and is actually both softer and weaker. Bronze is often used as a conductor of heat and electricity, and is also resistant to corrosion by salt and seawater, due to the copper elements of the metal. The melting point of bronze is 950 degrees C.
Bronze is a popular material and is commonly used in the manufacture of musical instruments and medals.

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