How Much Is Scrap Brass Worth Per Pound?


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The value of scrap metal can fluctuate wildly from month to month, all depending on which metals are sought after and which ones are not. Certain metals can rise and fall in value more than others, copper particularly is one of the priciest metals around. Much of the price of scrap metals depends upon whether the metal, in this case brass, is pure. When you say scrap brass, this can often mean piping, cables and general bits and pieces. The problem with this is that you can't always be sure that all the different metals are the same type of brass. Quite often brass items are made from an alloy form of brass which means the metals are mixed with other materials in order to make them stronger and also to reduce costs, especially if it is used for industrial purposes.
If you have a pound of scrap brass but from different sources this can affect the value of the metal and it might be worth sorting the metal so that you can get the maximum amount for your scrap. Current estimates suggest that a pound of scrap brass is worth between $1.50 - $2.50. You can always take your scrap brass to a local scrap metal dealer and get a quote; you don't have to take the price they give you for your scrap.
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Right now its going down and is about $2.80 a pound.
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Here are some ranges of prices as of Feb 3, 3009.  Prices below are LTL (less then truck load) and Truck load prices:

Mixed Brass & Bronze  0.44   0.73  lbs  USD  
Refinery Brass  0.29   0.58  lbs  USD  
Red Brass Solids  0.82   1.09  lbs  USD  
Red Brass Turnings  0.33   0.66  lbs  USD  
Old Yellow Brass  0.44   0.73  lbs  USD  
New Brass Clips  0.66   0.88  lbs  USD  
Yellow Brass Turnings  0.18   0.36  lbs  USD  
Clean Brass Wire  0.51   0.85  lbs  USD  
Insulated Brass Wire  0.18   0.36  lbs  USD  
  Brass & Bronze Dross  0.11   0.22  lbs  USD  
Irony Brass & Bronze  0.18   0.36  lbs  USD

Prices fluctuate on a daily basis and vary by region

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I have a set of knifes,spoons forks and knifes thats brass in a box case how much do you think its worth.

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