How Much Per Kilo Of Brass In The Market Today?


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Old yellow brass goes for $1.75 pound while red brass turnings go for $1.50 per pound. It should be remembered that the price constantly fluctuates, so it may be best to check with your local brass or scrap shop.

• Brass comes in a buttery yellow color and is made of zinc and copper. For thousands of years it has been manufactured in different parts of the world because of its many useful properties. However, the use of brass depends on the percentage of zinc and copper because some forms may also mix in other metals to strengthen certain properties. The amount of zinc in brass will also affect the color output; those with additional zinc content gets a lighter color but can reach pale yellow.
• The general mixture for brass is 67% copper and 33% zinc, which makes it much stronger than copper although not stronger than pure steel. Those with less zinc can turn reddish in color which is why they are called red brass.
• Brass is a popular metal which is used to make coins, instruments, and household items such as mirrors and clocks.
• There is a specific numbering system in the United States to classify the various categories of brass. All types of brass are labeled with a C for the copper content, and it is followed by a number that provides more information about the specific content.
• Modern day brass is manufactured with lacquer to prevent corrosion because the contents make it vulnerable to corrosion. When cleaning brass items at home it is important to be extra careful not to remove the lacquer protection, so it's best to avoid abrasive cleaners and instead stick to cleaners that have been specially formulated for lacquered brass.

It's one of the most useful metals in the world today and can be made into a variety of household items.

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