How Much Per Pound Does Scrap Brass Sell For?


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A pound of scrap brass currently (April 2011) sells for around £1.35.  Current rates for scrap brass are around £2600 to £2800 per ton.  Rates for scrap metal fluctuate every few days.

Selling scrap metal is one of those esoteric things that can be very profitable if you can put the time in.  Brass is known as a non-ferrous metal.  Ferrous is chemistry jargon for ‘contains a large amount of iron’.  As Brass is non-ferrous, it does not.  On the whole non-ferrous metals are worth more in the market as most of them reach into quadruple figures if you’re working it out by the ton.  Ferrous metals struggle to breach £200, so if you’re interested in scrap exchange, non-ferrous metal is where the money is.

To calculate the price of scrap brass by the pound, simply divide the current price of a ton by 2000 as there are 2000 pounds to 1 ton.

There are several websites that serve for the trading of scrap metals where traders can communicate and learn more about their trade. keeps the prices for various substances from metals and plastics to textiles and organics up to date and is updated every few days.

Brass is the mid-range in the market of non-ferrous metals, with the cheapest substance being aluminum foil at only £60 per ton.  The most expensive of the non-ferrous variety is dry bright wire, selling at £4900 per ton.  That’s going to be a lot of wire.

Naturally, prices change and vary depending on demand and the economy.  Different traders will give different prices depending on where they are and how much they need/already have.  If you’re trading in the US, the prices will differ in each state.

For more information on the prices of scrap brass and various other metals, see this site:
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Well in Arkansas brass sells for abt 2.50 a lb. But it depends where you go. Like the local scrap yard its abt 2.00 per lb, but if I travel 20 miles I can get 2.50. So it depends on how much you have and are you willing to go the extra mile for the better price.
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I live in california and I have about 300 pounds of keys that are brass. How much can I get per pound and does the price of brass go up per pound if I have more than 100 pounds?
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The most recent information I can find was about $1 per pound. But the price of scrap metals changes every day and also varies a lot from one state or region to another. So you should try putting 'scrap brass price per pound indiana' (or wherever you live) in a search engine and get more local information.
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Where I live in Cheraw, South Carolina, Cheraw Iron & Metal Co. Are buying clean brass for 1 dollar per pound and dirty brass for 80 cents per pound. I have 99.6 pounds of brass. Is that I good price to sell it at? If anyone knows anywhere within 100 miles of my location that may have a better price per pound please let me know. Thank you.
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I have an antique 24" Brass tray - oriental engraved with horse riders and plant vegitation.  This weighs 5 Lbs  -  does brass value exceed keepsake value?

I also have a candle holder - Solid brass weighing 15 Lbs with very decorative sculpturing - May not be old.  24" high.
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Go to the link below to find out it's current value.
Then, when you go the local dealer, you'll have a ball park figure as to what it's worth...

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