What Is Scrap Brass Worth Per Kilo In The Uk?


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The price of scrap brass per kilo depends on the type of brass it is. It also depends on what form it takes. Brass and copper radiators are worth about £2.06 per kilo. Brass cuttings are worth around £2.85 per kilo. Brass swarf is valued at £2.46 per kilo. Mixed brass is also worth about £2.46 per kilo. Heavy brass is worth around £2.66 per kilo. The type of the brass determines its value. Gilding brass is the highest valued type. It is followed by red brass, low brass, and cartridge brass, and yellow brass. These prices are based on the latest information on scrap metal prices for the month of July. These prices fluctuate constantly based on the market for scrap metal. For example, these prices could be completely different tomorrow. The trend seems to be that the market for brass is picking up again. It slumped in the past few months, but it is now recovering. You should always check the market prices before buying and selling.

Brass is made of copper and tin. Generally, the price of brass will fluctuate with the prices of these two metals. Both tin and copper have increased in value recently. This probably explains the increase in the price of brass from June until now. The price jumped anywhere from a penny to 10 pence per kilo in each category of scrap brass. You can research more about scrap brass at this website: http://www.metalprices.com/FreeSite/metals/bs/bs.asp. Some people are able to study the trends in the market well enough to determine when they should sell their scrap metal. Some metals are needed at different times of the year than others. Also, if the economy is in a recession, scrap metal tends to decrease in value alongside everything else. The only exceptions to this would be certain valuable metals like gold, platinum, and silver. 
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As of today these prices of £1.60 to £1.80 are current in Harlow near London.
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