What Are The Instruments Used In The Study Of The Earth Science?


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Earth Science is a very interesting field of study that requires research and tools. It encompasses everything that has to do with the earth including the atmosphere, hydrosphere and the world around you. In order for the study of earth science to be more accurate and reliable, these common tools are must haves for geologists:

1. Richter scale. This is used to measure an earthquake's magnitude. Accordingly, the damage or the effects felt depend on the magnitude of a certain earthquake.

2. Submersibles. These very important tools for earth science study re sued to measure the depth of the sea. The earth has regions that even the most advanced submarines will not be able to measure its depth. By using a submersible, the ocean floor's depth can be easily detected.

3. Satellites. Patterns of the clouds that are essential for determining the weather are the kind of satellites used by experts in the field of earth science.

4. Rain gauge. This kind of tool is mostly used by meteorologists and hydrologists. They are very important in such a way that it is able to measure as well as gather precipitation at a given time period.

5. Barometer. This tool is an essential must have among meteorologists because it is used to measure the atmospheric pressure by means of mercury, air or water. In so doing, meteorologists are able to present a forecast of the weather changes over a short period of time.

6. Aerovane. An aerovane is something that an earth scientist needs to have because it will help him in determining the speed and the direction of the wind. It comes with a tail that tells of the wind's direction while the wind speed is measured by its propellers.

There are other instruments used in the study of earth science but these are the most common ones.
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THe most important instrument is the telescope. This can vary from the telescope that astronomers use to look at the stars, to the amazing Hubble telescope, which has been used to tell the age of the universe and to give much more information about how it was formed. It orbits in space and the images from it are the basis of modern space exploration.
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Astronomical telescope,space shuttle and man-made satellites are used to study the universe.

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