Give The Importance Of Chemistry To OuR Society Or Industry?


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In short, chemistry is of vital importance to both our society and industry as it is involved in almost all aspects of life. For example:

  • From the moment you get up, you are in contact with something that has been developed through chemistry. Toothpaste for brushing teeth or the shampoo you use has all been developed in laboratories by scientists.
  • Almost everything you see and touch is composed of a chemical make-up. Even human beings have different gases and other chemical compounds in our bodies.
  • A lot of the food we eat has been chemically designed. Ready meals, junk food and products such as butter have all been developed in laboratories. Even some of the vegetables or fruit you buy may have been sprayed with a repellent to deter insects.
  • Within our environment, chemical reactions such as the leaves changing color in autumn are very important for the habitats of a lot of wildlife.
  • Within industry, chemical reactions and experiments have allowed scientists to develop new products and experiment with ways of making existing products better. This may involve making a food product lower in fat or making a lipstick stay on for longer.
  • Chemistry has allowed pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs and treatments for specific diseases and illnesses, so our healthcare also depends a lot on new innovative products produced within the field of chemistry
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Give some importance of chemistry
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1. You come to know simple reasons of things changing their nature around you. Eg. Why does an iron piece corrode? Why does water become cold when glucose is mixed in it.
2. In industrial fields, chemistry is too important so that different materials can be used for doing different jobs. For eg. - what should be made so as to make jelly-making easy? What simple, natural and harmless preservatives should be used for packed food?, etc.
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Chemistry is the full on reason for the development of the society and raised the lifestyle of the people all over the world. Chemistry is the most considerable reason for the materials that are now constantly being produced as food, clothing, and many more, And without chemistry, our way of life would not be as easy as today.
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Give the importance of chemistry or society
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Chemistry is very important in our daily life as so many chemicals which we use in our daily life .chemical industries uses so many chemicals for carrying out the synthesis.
We human being entirely dependent on chemistry as from morning to evening we use the chemicals either directly or indirectly.....
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Of extreme importance since man knows the limitless boundaries of chemistry and the profound mysteries and power inherent in the control of the elements

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