What Are The Importances Of Chemical Technology To Our Lives?


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There are two principle areas of importance: Biochemistry and inorganic chemistry. Biochemistry is the study of chemical reactions within a living organism whilst inorganic chemistry is more or less everything else.

• Drugs.
Many drugs are manufactured through a chemical process, both biochemical and inorganic. Even the production of antibiotics can use chemical assays and harvesting processes. The impact of disease in the western world has been massively decreased by the widespread use of antibiotics and sulfamides.

• Narcotics.
Despite their negative effects such as drug addiction, narcotics are often used in drug-related therapies such as giving LSD to convicts to increase self worth or morphine to help dull pain. 

• Food.
The addition of chemicals to food as preservatives has allowed a much longer shelf life and therefore a much greater ability to transport food to more people for a longer period. Vitamins were identified by chemists and are of huge importance to our lives.

• Paints.
Paint allows objects to resist the effects of weathering and age by sealing them behind a chemical barrier. Wooden houses stand up to adverse weather better when varnished or painted.

• Photosynthesis.
All plants photosynthesize, a biochemical reaction. Almost all life on Earth relies in some way on photosynthesizing organisms, the exceptions being some bacteria and creatures living around undersea volcanic vents. The basis for almost the entire food chain is plants.

• Cleaning Agents.
Soap and soda crystals rely on chemical reactions to work. They are manufactured by chemical processes.  The importance of sterilizing our homes and environments lies in the reduction of infections.
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There are a lot of opportunities provided by chemistry in our life. First of all, it is connected to the technologies, for sure. As this area is the most active from this point of view.

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