What Are The Branches Of Science With Their Meaning?


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The answer to this question will be based on the assumption that your question asks about the branches of science within school and their meanings. In this instance, schools teach three main branches of pure science; chemistry, biology and physics.

Psychology is sometimes classed as a science, however, this is usually referred to as social science. For the purpose of this question, psychology as a social science will not be included.

  • Chemistry
Chemistry is the study of specific matter, or the make-up of everything in the universe. It looks at what makes an individual object, down to its lowest molecule or property.

It is also the study about how these different types of matter, also referred to as elements, react with one another. This can be seen on the Periodic Table, a table of elements grouped by any commonalities they might share such as what they are e.g. Metallic or inert (meaning they will not react with any other substances) or how they react to things such as water and heat.

Chemistry experiments will look to study the reactions of these different elements under certain conditions.

  • Biology
This is the study of living organisms or the Earth; this could include the study of animals, the human body, plants or different types of rock (a science in its own right, commonly known as geology) that make up the Earth.

In biology you could expect to study one of these topics and how they interact in nature, what makes them work and live in the way that they do.

  • Physics
Physics is the study of forces and general matter; it looks to study the universe and how it is made up. You can expect to look at subjects such as Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity or how stars are formed, how planets exist and how the solar system is made up and works.

In physics you might look at forces on objects or even how electricity works.

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