What Is The Psychological Preparation Prior To Surgery?


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The surgeons explain to the patient and his relatives, as to what is to be done, the probable outcome, expected duration of hospitalization, cost, and length of absence from work, and disabilities that may be expected. The date of admission depends on the patient's illness, hospital treatment needed preoperatively, and the amount of time, the patient requires making necessary arrangements regarding family, financial matters, and work.

It is stressful for the patient who has to undergo various tests prior to surgery.The patient, who must have repeated surgery, faces frustrations and fears that may intensify his reactions. Whether minor or major, surgery is always a major experience in the life on the patient and his family.

Almost all the patient has some fear of surgery. They may have fear about anaesthesia, pain, disfigurement, disability or death.

Mild to moderate anxiety in the pre – operative period, delays post – operative recovery. Help the patient talk about his fears and give him every opportunity to ask questions. As far as possible the same nurse should be assigned to care for the patient each day pre – operatively. This helps the patient share his real feelings about impending surgery. Each procedure and examination should be well explained to the patient and his family.

Allow the patient to talk with other patients who have successfully recovered from similar surgery. Avoid too many visitors which may interfere with the patient getting adequate rest. Priests or religious persons, if needed, should be allowed to visit the patient.

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