What Are The Legal Aspects That Must Be Considered In Communication?


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All communication is language. Language is made of words. Careless use of words and terms not only spoil good will but also crease difficulties for the writer. Improper of language and tone may win or lose friends and customers. In communication it is wisdom of words that counts.

Like other social and political activities, business dealings are also governed by certain laws and rules. Laws are made for man. In communication the writer must be careful about using correct and proper words; other wise it may result in law suits and litigation.

In business right use of language wins friends, but it may also take out money from your pocket through carelessness. So beware of law suits and litigation. Mind your language and take care of legal aspects of business communication.

The most common legal terms related to term dealing are:

a. Fraud, b. Defamation, c. invasion of privacy, d. other areas of encroachment.

Fraud and fraudy are commonly heard words. In general sense fraud means obtaining material advantage by unfair or wrongful means.

The sort consisting of false and derogatory statements regarding another without lawful justification.

No action can be maintained for slander or libel unless there be a publication that is a communication of defendant of defamatory statement.
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It mean that during communication we should keep in mind that it should not be harmful for any one.

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