In What Circumstances Would A Sender Select The Medium Of Written Communication?


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In the context of oral communication, there were some conditions that suited and harmonized its selection. In the same way, written communication also has its set of circumstances and conditions where it will prove to be the perfect medium to be selected in order to send the respective message. The divergence between the utilities of oral and written media are manifold ergo the situations in which they are selected or the requirements for which they are incorporated are also in a stark contrast with each other, some of which are discussed further.

If the sender does not desire to gain an instant feedback and in lieu requires his audience to take their time in sending their responses or if the nature of the message is detailed, complex and requires careful planning or if there is a need of a permanent verifiable record, then written communication is the most ideal way of sending the message. Also the nature of the audience also plays a great role in shaping the selection. In the case of selection of the written medium of communication, the audience will be large and geographically dispersed and assembling them could be quite costly and risky in terms of distortion of the message. In such situations, a written medium would be the most perfect choice for the sender to convey his message.

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