What Is The Latest Invention And Discoveries Of Filipino Scientist?


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There have been many inventions and discoveries by Filipino scientists. One recent invention is a car powered by water. Two separate Filipino scientists claim to have invented water-powered car. One man is called Roberto Celis and is 74 and the other is Daniel Dingel.

Celis calls his 'The anti-pollution Hydrogasifier' and it took him 14 years to develop and create. Not only does he claim that this invention is virtually free to run but it does not release any harmful fumes that pollute the environment. The heat from the engine is used to heat the water which powers the car so this is an extremely efficient invention to be used when combined with traditional petrol or diesel.

Dingel claims that he invented his water-powered car in 1969 and it uses an electric battery to heat the water. When the water is heated it makes hydrogen and oxygen components which power the car. He claims that there has been a lot of interest in his design but the professionals have dismissed it as a hoax. Dingel believes this is a conspiracy.

The karaoke was also invented in the Philippines by Roberto del Rosario. It was originally called a Sing-Along-System and was later named 'Karaoke' by the Japanese who are great fans of the invention and in Japanese it means 'singing without accompaniment'. Rosario also invented the 'one-man-band' and this was what eventually developed into his Sing-Along-System.

The incubator was also invented in the Philippines by female inventor Fe del Mundo. Mundo was also the first Asian to go to Harvard University School of Medicine and her invention has saved countless babies since. The incubator is also used to relieve jaundice in new-born babies. She received many awards for her outstanding contribution to the medical profession.

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