Who Are Some Filipino Scientist And Their Contribution?


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Filipinos scientists have contributed a lot to the world of science with many major and important breakthroughs being achieved.

A list of some of the most famous Filipinos scientist and their contributions is as follows:

· Gregorio Y. Zara, D. Sc.

Gregorio Y. Zara invented the first two-way television phone. This was the first basic form of what we now would describe as video calling. He is also the founder of the an electrical kinetic resistance which is called the 'Zara effect'

· Dr. Luz Oliveros-Belardo

Luz Oliveros-Belrdo worked with essential oils. Due to her research there are now many more versions on the market and better ways of producing them were created.

· Francisco Quisumbing

Franciso Quisumbing was the inventor of the 'Quink' ink that is still used in quality pens with brands such as Parker.

· Eduardo San Juan

Eduardo San Juan invented and developed the moon buggy and its world famous design was originally made out of simple home-made materials.

· Agapito flores

Agapito Flores invented the fluorescent light which is still a very important source of light in today's world.

These should certainly start you off with your homework question as it would not be right to give you the whole answer. You should find researching the famous scientists interesting and should make you realize how influential the Filipinos science community have been in the past and still continue to be to the present day.

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