Who Are The Filipino Scientist And Their Contribution/invention?


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There are many Filipino scientists that have all had an impact upon The Philippines and the rest of the world. The most famed are those that have had in impact on The Philippines as it is a country that honors its scholars and academics, especially in the area of science and healthcare.

• Arturo Alcaraz is a Filipino scientist that has studied geographical science and micro seismology. He won the Guggenheim Fellowship Award for his contributions to micro seismology. His research into volcanoes has had impact on research across the globe involving volcanic activity.
• Paulo Campos is another Filipino scientist that has had an impact on science across the globe. He is a physician that specializes in community healthcare and nuclear medicine. He created the first radioisotope laboratory in The Philippines and won the status of National Scientist of the Philippines in 1988.
• Baldomero Olivera was a biologist that discovered the complexity of cone snail toxins. These toxins, known as conotoxins have been used widely for research into E.coli and many forms of DNA research.
• Raymundo Punongbayan, was the director of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology when he was alive. He was in charge of monitoring the movements and patterns in volcanoes and earthquakes.

The majority of scientists that are hailed as the Filipino greats were heavily involved in seismology. This could be due to the high level of seismic activity that occurs in The Philippines and the surrounding areas that could have sparked an interest or it could be due to the amount of money that is put into the research in The Philippines.

There are also many research centers in the region which employ many people and also many of the science related degrees in the area rate highly in this field, making seismology the career to go into if you are interested in geographic science and living in The Philippines.
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10 filipino scientist
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