Define ethical issue?


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Ethical issue is a decision in which someone must make in response to a problem. The answer which this person chooses can be described as being ethical or unethical, meaning right or wrong. Also, practices and actions used can be described as being ethical or unethical. Examples of this can be found below.
  • In business

In most countries child labor is very unusual and frowned upon due to being seen as being unethical. Also, ignoring health and safety issues and ignoring workers' rights is also seen as being unethical and so these aspects are very unusual nowadays.

However, they used to be very common. Nowadays if business is complete legally and fairly, people see this as being ethical as the business owners are caring for the workers' rights and therefore the people are prioritized.
  • In health

If someone is told they are not receiving any medication, which they feel they should be on, this can be seen as unethical as these people perhaps are not being treated fairly and not being looked after properly. However, if they receive any necessary medication and are cared for properly, this is ethical behavior as it is seen as being 'right' nowadays.

Sometimes people carry out unethical practices and actions in order to do what's best for them. There are infinite examples of this, such as, starting conflict, ending a relationship, forcing labor, charging someone for an item unfairly etc.

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