Can Anyone Tell Me About The Famous Mountain Ranges, Deserts And River Flows In Continent Asia?


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Asia is the largest continent of the world. It extends from the Mediterranean Sea in the west of the Pacific Oceans in the east. It is also the most populated continent on the planet. Many parts of Asia are Mountainous. Famous Mountain ranges in Asia are Himalayas (Pakistan, India, Tibet and Bhutan), Hindu Kush (Afghanistan and Pakistan), Karakoram (Pakistan and China), Altai Mountains (Mongolia) and Kunlun Mountains (China). Some parts of Asia are extremely hot and dry. These are known as deserts. Some of them are Gobi desert in Mongolia, Thal desert in Pakistan, Khash desert in Afghanistan, Rajasthan in India and Kavir desert in Iran

Many areas of Asia are thickly forested and also cultivated. The mountains slopes have coniferous and the plains have grass. There are thick tropical forests in the south East of Asia. There are many varieties of plants, animals, birds and insects living in the tropical rain forest.

There are abundance of natural water ways; there are called rivers. Rivers are from when the snow melts from the mountains. World's great river flows in Asia are The Yangtze in China, Mekong in Laos and Cambodia, Brahmaputra in India and Bangladesh, Ganges in India and Indus in Pakistan.
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