In What Ways Are Purpose, Audience, And Tone Content Different For Interpersonal And Business Communication?


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Interpersonal communication and business communication are both different things. The basic difference between purpose, audience and tone of message is free style and formal style of writing. In business communication, the letter must be specifically revolves around purpose and tone of the message but in case of interpersonal communication you don't need be formal in any way.
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The purpose, audience, tone and content are very different for interpersonal and business communication in the following ways:
- Business communication is used to promote a service, product or an organization's point of view whereas Interpersonal communication is on a personal level between people.
- The audience is general public or specific groups of consumers in business communication whereas the audience is on personal level in interpersonal communication.
- The tone is impersonal and to the point in business communication whereas the tone is personal in interpersonal communication.
- The content is official in business communication whereas the content can be emotional or personal in interpersonal communication.
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