What Is Convention Of Meaning In The Problem Of Communication?


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It means tradition or same word having diffrent cultural/language and symbol refrent but it will come symentic triangle
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In order to carry out business transactions successfully, business messages should be conveyed rightly and meaningfully. The messages sent and received must be understood in letter and spirit. The whole process calls for harmony between the sender and the receiver. It means that the symbols used by the sender should have necessarily the same meaning in the minds of both the sender and the receiver of the message.
Moreover, most of the words have numerous dictionary meanings and very often-different people have different meanings of words apart from dictionary based on their own experiences of life, miscommunication may occur between the sender and the receiver. The sender uses a word for some meaning but the receiver attaches an altogether different meaning to it according to his own knowledge, experiences and the practices of his own culture, country or region.

Therefore, when the sender and the receiver attach different meanings to the same word, miscommunication occurs and the real meanings of the message are misunderstood and, thus, it results in numberless problems very often. The receiver fails to understand the intended meanings of the sender. Therefore the sender should choose the words carefully and consider both their denotative and connotative meanings to convey the exact idea he wants and to achieve his desired results.
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Problems in communication, and a convention concerned with this, would try to address the problem of various cultures trying to communicate effectively with each other. Conventions and congresses of this nature take place all around the world.
They serve an essential role in helping people who live in different cultures,and who speak different languages, to cope with the problems thereof.
With the globalization of business in this century, has come the problem of people who would never have normally communicated with each other, being forced to communicate with each other, and what is more, to understand and co-operate with each other.
This is more complex than it sounds. The language they normally communicate in to do this business, is English, which is a difficult language to grasp well, and communicate effectively in, if it is not your first language.
What compounds this further, is talking long distance on a telephone under pressure, and also conference calls, which involve people of many different cultures, all taking to each other by telephone, at once.

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