What Is The Purpose Of Communication?


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Communication is all about spreading understanding so that people can connect and work or live better together.

The way we communicate with others can greatly alter the relationships we have and techniques can be used to either deliberately create harmonious working or to put a spanner in the works. By fostering a common understanding and awareness the message you try to portray becomes ever clearer and you are more likely to gain support from others.

From a management point of view, portraying a vision enables an executive to lead without being ever-present on the shop floor. A strongly communicated message gains respect and understanding and increases the influence of the communicator. Being able to relate concepts and plans with no ambiguity is an important skill but it is also important that the person receiving the message realizes the same as what he is being told. For this reason you should incorporate feedback when you are communicating so that you can be sure that others are on the same wavelength.

At any level of a job communication skills are important and often employers look for the ability to make oneself understood in both verbal and written context as a key issue in deciding on employees. It is key to know what your message is, to succinctly recount it and to be persuasive enough to get others to buy-in to what you are saying.
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Purpose Of Communication:
1. To get, to give, & exchange information.
2. To persuade & influence.
3. To ensure understanding.
4. To convey feelings, opinion & perception & ideas.
5. To establish & enhance friendship.
6. To improve public relation.
7. To start action & implement activities.
8. To provide therapeutic effect.
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Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between or among individuals through
a common system of symbols, signs, and behavior. As a process, communication has synonyms such as expressing feeling, conversing, speaking, corresponding, writing, listening and exchanging.
Obviously, then a major purpose of communication is to help people feel good about themselves and about their friends, groups, and organizations.
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The purpose of communication is the intent to change the awareness, outlook, skills and practice of the receiver.
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Communication is a method that allows people to exchange information by one of numerous methods. There are hearing means, such as words or singing, and nonverbal, material means, such as body talking, sign language, paralanguage, feel or eye contact. Communication is timothy by which in sequence is exchanged flanked by or among individuals through a ordinary system of symbols, signs, and performance.

As a course, communication has synonyms such as expressing outlook, conversing, verbal communication, corresponding, inscription, listening and exchanging. People communicate to satisfy needs in together their work and non-work lives. People want to be heard, to be appreciated and to be wanted. They also desire to complete tasks and to achieve goals. Obviously, then, a major purpose of communication is to help people feel good about themselves and concerning their friends, groups, and organizations.

For true communication, there must be a broadcast of thoughts, ideas and feelings from one mind to one more. However, human language is extremely different as of plant communication.
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Without it, the world wouldn't have evolved like it has, there wouldn't be anything that we have now, no homes, no sources to communicate, nothing, we would still be hunting, and wearing hides to survive, speech is a great thing to have, and so is communication.
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Communication is that type of conservation in which you communicate others by language like telephone, chat room, television. Due to communicate is it possible to us, we convey our messages to others, every country or some region have differ languages from others, due to these language each person is easily understand what's the other person requirement's, problems, happiness, coyness etc.
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Good question since 99.5% of people on earth do not know how to communicate. Obviously if you start at the beginning of man or look at less developed life forms, communication is for basic primal survival for warning of threats or for procreation. If you are considering this question for present day man, that is a can of worms.

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