Can You Describe The Basic Concepts Of Communication?


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Basic Concepts of Communication:

Well, the world communication has its origin in the Latin word COMMUNIS which stands for common or to create commonness with the people around you. This is possible when you share your feelings and ideas with others.

According to commonly used definition, communication is transfer of message from sender to receiver through a channel. It is understood that speech or utterances in the form of voice, were the initial stages of communication which gradually developed into a defined form of language when all the people of a community got to attach specific meanings to the voices and gestures.

It might have taken centuries to mankind to enter the stage of writing its messages on stones etc. But once writing was developed as one mean of communication there had been attempts to find some material to write on, which was more sustainable and easy to take along in travel. Using bark of certain trees for this purpose, the endeavor led to invention of paper, thus revolutionizing the early days' communication.
Writing on paper by hand must have brought joy to people for sending their messages across to many others, after that, the invention of printing overwhelmed efforts to give new dimensions to communication. This further led to setting up a whole new printing industry world over followed by modern means of communication, which will be discussed in detail in this course.

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