How Much Is Copper Per Pound?


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The price of copper will change every day due to the variance in demand. It is currently around $4.00 for a pound but the best way to check it is to have a look online for the most current updates. is a good website to use as a current and up to day reference for the value of any metal.
The value of copper is mainly influenced by the supply and demand for the metal. The price correlates to the economy because it is used as a building material and used in manufacturing wires and pipes. It is used for wiring, electrical components, pennies and other coins, tubing and many other applications. When the economy is growing, copper prices tend to rise as the demand is higher as new buildings are developed and copper is in high demand. When the economy is slowing, the price of copper usually drops as less people need or want it. Any interruption in copper production could also result in price spikes.
It has become increasingly common for scrap copper to be taken to a scrap yard where it can be weighed in and bought by the scrap yard. It will then be melted down and resold to perform a new function. Copper can now be extremely expensive in comparison to 10 or 20 years ago as resources are all but depleted and it is no longer an economically viable ore.
Copper has been used for thousands of years as it occurs naturally as native copper. It was known to some of the oldest civilizations on record. It has a history of use that is at least 10,000 years old, and estimates of its discovery place it at 9000 BC in the Middle East.
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It will open 3.6575 US$ per pound in September. The price in August would be $3.688. For details about pricing of copper, visit this link.
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