How Much Is Scrap Silver Per Ounce?


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The price a website or scrap metal dealer will give you for your scrap silver will obviously vary depending on its purity and whether it is hall-marked or non-hallmarked. Despite this I have found that prices do tend to remain within certain boundaries, but it is certainly worth searching around (perhaps on the internet) for the best scrap silver prices.

The prices I have found depend entirely on the purity of the silver. The purity of silver can vary broadly from '500' silver, which is 50% silver, to '999' silver, which is virtually pure silver at 99.9% pure. The prices of these different purities of silver vary from roughly £8.00-£9.00 per ounce (depending on the dealer) for the '500' silver, up to between £19.00 and £20.00 per ounce for the very pure '999' silver. Of course, these prices are very approximate, and can vary greatly depending on who you are selling your silver to, and what the worldwide demand for silver is at the time that you are selling your silver. You could be in luck if we have a boom in scrap silver prices, as we did in scrap gold prices a few years ago, although unfortunately I do not know enough about the subject to predict if or when this boom could happen.

If you wish to check these prices for yourself, or wish to get a quote for your particular piece (or pieces) of scrap silver, then I recommend going to your local scrap metal dealer, or (probably easier) going to, as, despite the name, this is a very useful website for checking the price you could receive for your scrap metal (gold, platinum or silver).
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Wel! Its near about  $18.71 USD per oz according to rate on 17 July 2008. The price fluctuate in each minute and you can check the rates from the following link:
Silver scarp
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