How To Store Aloe Vera After Removing The Pulp, Without Going Bad?


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Cyndal Guffy Profile
Cyndal Guffy answered
Unprocessed Aloe vera gel is not very stable and won't keep long, so
make small batches only, store it in the fridge and use up quickly. For
maximum benefit of Aloe Vera as an ingredient of skin care preparations
such products should contain at least 20-40% of gel. Or simply cut off
a leaf and rub it straight on the skin.
I hope this helps. Good Luck.
Vishrut Iyengar Profile
Vishrut Iyengar answered
Yeah you gotto put it as quickly as you can and also be careful not to swallow that yello liquid that oozez out... Its a laxative and you realy don't want that

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