How To Control Land Pollution?


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You can control land pollution in the following ways:

  • Burn trash
  • Recycle what cannot be burned
  • Have better cleanup programs
  • Make certain newer generations have the ethics to reduce land pollution
  • Find new items that will help reduce pollution in all its forms
  • Do not let toxins get into the land

The above suggestions are just a few ways we could try to control land pollution. Many of these ideas are something you have probably considered on your own, yet they need repeating. Humans are the ones that create land pollution, so as humans we are the only ones that can stop it.

The question is really open for any type of land pollution because even trash is a pollutant to the land. It may decay over time, but that can create a lot of pollution. Tires are a good example of land pollution that needs to be eliminated. This is why many factories have begun to recycle rubber from tires. 

A good rule of thumb for the average person is to find an area in which burning is allowed. Take any of the trash you may have that can be burnt and turn it into ash. If that is not allowed in your area consider a composite company that can turn trash into fertilizer for the earth. Recycle any trash that cannot be destroyed.

If new generations are willing, they can find the answers to reduce factory pollution. They can also work to lessen issues with trash being strewn along the highways and around the land. By taking care that trash goes where it should even one person can control land pollution; so think of how a nation could control it.
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We just can avoid and prepare for having pollutions, it depends on us

so we have to do the necessary and in order to make pollutions

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