What Is The Process Of Communication In Relation To Sender, Message, Receiver?


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The process of communication starts by the sender by encoding a message. This encoding might be in the form of verbal form or in non-verbal form. It is actually the meaning in our mind which is considered as message here. A part of the success of communication depends on how we encode the message. The failure might be the result of improper encoding of the message. This failure might happen because of barriers from the side of the sender. Once the message is encoded, it is sent to the receiver through a channel/medium. The channel here is a tool through which the message is sent by the receiver. Another part of the success of communication depends on the choice of the meduim used to reach the receiver. A wrong choice might lead to misunderstanding of the message in the right way. Hence, it is important to make a right choice here. Once the message reaches the receiver, the receiver receives the message and decodes the message. The decoding of the message depends upon the factors like the psychological status of the receiver, noise in the environment, or physical capability of the receiver. It should not be taken here that once the message is decoded by the receiver the process of communication is completed. The right purpose of communication is to make sure that the message is taken by the receiver in its original form as meant by the sender. Hence, the receiver has to give feedback to the sender in the same form as done by the sender. The reception of the feedback by the sender fulfills the process of communication.

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