What's The Communication Process ?


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Any means, by which thoughts are transferred from one person to another, is communication. It is a two way process. It requires a common medium, and this medium is language. Language is the most important invention of man. The process is as follows:

1. Sender: sender of a message is usually the writer of the message. The main responsibility of sender is any message is to communicate the message in such a way that it must be received by the receiver with the same message and spirit in which it has been drafted by the sender.

2. Message: message is always the idea which the sender wishes to convey to the receiver. As regards the composition of the letter (contents of a letter), the three aspects of the message, viz, unity of thoughts, consistency in expression and emphasis on the main point must be kept in mind in both written and spoken communication.

3. Receiver: the receiver of the message is reader, or listener. He may be termed as decoder also. Sometimes, one message is to be sent to many readers. The receiver as well as sender is influences by external environment and internal stimulants.

4. Feed back: feed back is the reply we receive to the message sent. Responses oral or written feed back may be yes or no, a request for further clarification, and undesirable decision or a detailed report.
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COMMUNICATION is a process in which a person through the use of sign(natural ,universal)/symbols(by human conventions)verbally and or non verbally consciously or coconsciously but inventioly conveys meaning to another in order to affect change. Or
The communication discipline is both one of the oldest and one of the newestacademic disciplines. People who are not familiar with the communication disiplaneoften think it is only concerned with the public speaking…that's allwe do is teach student to speak in front of an audience.

In 20th century the discipline expanded its focusto include oral interpretion ,interpersonal communication ,small group communication,and mass communication
Channels of communication;- the literary critic, is credited with developing our understanding of how the medium of transmission affects the message and its reception. McLuhan's insights about media may also be related to some of the early efforts by communication theorists, especially those studying information theory. A special section of this module will also explore the implications of computer mediated communication, especially as it affects interpersonal communication
Relational View of Communication ;- The relational view of communication examines how meaning is constructed by communicators who use symbolic codes to create meaning. The model emphasizes dialogue as the basis of communication and identifies how factors such as one's identity roles and culture, rules and expectations, affect the creating of meaning in given situations
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Factors influencing decoding. Attitude, values,biases,receiver experience
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It is the process of giving and receiving information that it may be understood between two or more people.

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