If Carbon Dioxide Is What We Breathe Out, Why Is It So Bad For The Planet?


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We use oxygen for our metabolic processes and breathe out the waste as carbon dioxide. Plants also respire like this, BUT they also use carbon dioxide as the basis for fabricating sugars and starches. Over time, they tend to absorb more carbon dioxide this way than they expire from "breathing".
So long as we do not produce too much extra carbon dioxide this is one of the main ways that the planet balances these things.
However, what with us chopping down forest, enlarging deserts AND producing loads of carbon dioxide (e.g. By burning fossil fuels) things have gone out of balance and if we let it tip much further we are all going to be in a lot of trouble.
Given time, carbon monoxide will take on another oxygen atom and become carbon dioxide without any intervention from us.
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Carbon dioxide is still bad for the planet even though we breathe it out. Our bodies create carbon dioxide. But not harmless.
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Carbon Dioxide is CO2 and Carbon Monoxide is CO, or there is a difference of one atom of Oxygen! CO will take and oxygen atom from CO2, and if that happens in your lungs you will suffocate you! Or you will die do to the loss of oxygen in your system!
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Carbon dioxide isn't bad, it isn't the cause of global warming, the sun is. Saying that our breathing out is the cause of global warming is anti-human. It's just another way for people to be further stepped upon,  having to make further monetary sacrifices for the good of the planet like paying carbon taxes,etc. It also shows us we're not really living as free sovereign individuals. Otherwise, breathing would be free.
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Carbon dioxide isn't bad for the planet,its what the trees breath in.Unfortunately the truth has been distorted in schools,God has been expelled from schools,what more truth could be hindered?
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If our green things on earth require CO2 to photosynthesize, and there are not enough trees, etc. To take care of this gas, then why do we continue to chop down our forests and trees. Land is clear cut and it takes quite some time for these trees to come back. Instead of taxing this country to death for the CO2 emissions, they why don't we tax people to death for cutting one tree?

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