Name 5 Vitamins And Describe Their Function(s) In The Human Body?


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The 5 vitamins and their functions are:  1)Vit A-This promotes growth,helps us to resist infection of the skin and it is a component of visual purple in retinal cells of the eye,which is required for the perception of images.Deficiency of this vitamin causes Xerophthalmia or commonly called Night blindness.  2)Vit K-This is needed in the normal clotting of blood.Deficiency of this vitamin causes Haemorrhage.  3)Vit D-This helps the body to use calcium and phosphorus to form bones and teeth.Deficiency of this vitamin causes Rickets.  4)Vit E-This prevents the oxidation of Vit A.Deficiency of this vitamin causes sterility in rats.  5)Vit C-This promotes the functioning of capillary walls.Deficiency of this vitamin causes Scurvy.  The bold sentence is the most important function of Vit A.Hope this answer was helpful :)
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Vitamin A: Helps in body growth
Vitamin B12 (Thiamine) : Conversion of carbohydrate to energy
Vitamin B2 (Riboflovin) : Body growth, cells reproduction
Vitamin B3 (niacin) : Helps in digestion
Vitamin B6 (Pryidoxine) : Helps in creating antiboies

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