What Is The Function Of Bile In Human Body?


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Bile is produced by the liver cells and is stored inside a pear shaped sac called as gall-bladder. The ingestion of food and especially fats initiates a hormone which causes the sphincter to release bile into the deodenum. It has two major functions.
1.It breaks the fat into fatty acids that can be utilized by the body
2.It also acts as antioxidant, It removes bacteria and other toxins from liver which are transported outside the body along with the waste.
The colour of feaces is due to bile.
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Bile is secreted from our gallbladder. Bile is produced in our liver. Bile is used to digest fats. (chemical digestion). This also shows us the significance of our liver. Our liver is like a filter for toxins, cholesterol producer, hormones and digestive producer. Another hormone that is produced: Glycogen stored and released as glucose into the blood.
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Function of bile is to break fats into small molecules so that it can be digested. It is secreted by liver, stored in gall bladder. Also it provides basic medium for the pancreatic juice( trypsin, lipase and amylase) to act upon food.
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Bile is produced in the liver, and is stored in the gallbladder. It breaks down fats that the body can either use or be removed through the urinary system (:
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The function of the bile is to pile up the food in human body so that it reacts with the saliva which we take in every moment
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What is the process of bile synthetics

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