What Is The Price Of Scrap Brass Per Kilo In The Uk?


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Hayley Clarke answered gives the opening and closing prices in a spreadsheet linked from their website. This year the price of scrap has fluctuated between 552 and 627 pence per kilo, and is currently much further towards the lowest quartile.

Eurobrass Ltd is a brass stockholding company that can now offer materials from a leading manufacturer of Brass Rods and Tubes. The company is based in Hoddesdon, Herfordshire, and can be reached at 01992 801850. Their mission statement is to work in co-operation with their customers’ needs to provide quality brass and alloy products and services to all our customers, all of the time.

Their warehouse is stocked with an extensive range of sizes of brass tubing, hollow and solid rods and alloys for prompt delivery. Specific alloys and sizes not held in stock can be ordered and supplied within a prompt period, and consignment stocks can be held by mutual agreement. Most materials are chamfered and pointed, bundled in 500k and in 3 metre lengths, but this can be tailored to accommodate any individual requirements.

They can also provide comprehensive advice in all matters relating to alloys, material properties, tolerances and surface finishes. Robert Gibbs Co., with a seven acre site also in Hoddesdon, offer prices as well; call 01922 441585 (with 10 lines open for customers).

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