What's The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Upwards And Down Wards Communications?


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There are many advantages and disadvantages of upwards and downwards communication.

  • Upwards communication: Advantages
There are certain benefits of upward communication, such as the fact that tasks are more likely to get done in an efficient and free flowing manner. With regards to upward communication, colleagues will have to report to their supervisors and then their supervisors will have to report to the management above them and so on. It allows everyone involved in the workplace to understand the structure of the company and how work gets done in that situation. It helps people to understand that they are on the same page.

  • Disadvantages
The main disadvantage of this communication method is the idea that there could in some sense be a misplacement of hierarchy. In this way colleagues send messages to the management above them which has its benefits, however it may detract from the authority of the management team that reside on top of the business. They are the ones that make the final decisions and an increase of upward communication could thwart that slightly.

  • Downwards communication: Advantages
The main benefit of downward communication is the way in which the main company goals can be distributed throughout the business. This method of communication allows the higher management staff to allocate the appropriate work to their colleagues to ensure the company runs smoothly. This will set the standard for the rest of the group and it also ensures that workers know what is expected of them.

  • Disadvantages
The main drawback of this method of communication is the fact that improvements in terms of the way the company is run cannot be made from the lower levels of staff. With management simply informing those beneath them of what needs to be done, colleagues may not get to impose any suggestions.
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I had learn t communication skills as far as I know
the views and suggestions from the lower level to upward level are conveyed there is no hurdle for communicating with the boss or the head which makes the performance better
due to this communication the head may know that how the workers are thinking and might help in taking important decisions
it may ruin your terms with your head/boss
sometimes heads are not enough tolerant to bear what lower workers are saying in that case it can lead to serous results
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of communication flow in an organization ? I mean all communication flows , upward , downward, horizontal and diagonal communication.
Thank you
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There are different advantages and disadvantages of upward and downward communication. The upward communication is good to taking feed back on policies and take corrective actions. While upward communication sometimes does not transfer realistic message while downward communication is essential for growth of organization but misconceptions in downward can lead towards confusion.

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