What Are The Different Types Of Organizational Communications?


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In an organizational set-up there are three types of communication:

1. Down ward communication: this is also known as superior – subordinate communication. In this type, a superior communicates with his subordinates. The main purposes of downward communication are:
a. To establish and disseminate goals of an organization.
b. To give information about organizational policies and procedures.
c. To develop plans for achievement of the organizational goals.
d. To select, develop and motivate members of organization.
e. To organize goals in an effective manner.

2. Up ward communication: this is also known as subordinate – superior communication. In this type, a subordinate communicates with his superior. The main purposes of upward communication are:
a. To give reports on various projects.
b. To enhance understanding.
c. To clarify one's situation.
d. To seek help.
e. To request for facilities.

3. Horizontal communication: this is also known as interactive communication. In this type a person communicates with individuals of relatively equal status in the organization. Individuals at each level, giving social support to one another, may freely communicate among themselves, but fail to communicate upward or downward. The main purposes of horizontal communication are:
a. To inquire something.
b. To convey some information.
c. To seek help.
d. To help others.
e. To coordinate with each other.

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