Describe Business Communication And It's Components As A Life Blood Of An Organization?


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Life blood of an organization means that if we say that business communication and its components are life blood of an organization then the organization can not survive without it. Business communication helps the employees to know how to communicate within and out of the office to get more and more customers, if you don't know how to communicate according to the particular situation and customer needs then there is chance to loose the customer. In business communication purpose and tone written or verbally is very much important, clarity also plays a very important role.
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Business Communication in the form that you have mentioned above is really the life blood of an organization. This is because it portrays the organization and its products to the general public and the customers as a whole. People base their opinions about the organization and its products based on this communication. If it is good, it would attract the customers towards it and if it is not good, customers would form a bad opinion about no matter how great it is.
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Business Communication System develop our Business Capacity.
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Yes I agree for many reasons - it gets boring listening only to speech and human beings only has a limited attention span .... With visual aids, speech and explanation can go on and at the same the key points are there to be seen. One could say they are essential in days of advanced media.

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