What Are Some Examples Of How Science And Technology Are Interrelated?


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Science is the effort to understand better. The technology is the practical science. These two are interrelated. For example, Newton invented the law of gravitation. The technology implemented this law to go to space. G.Mendel' s laws genetics made the foundation to genetic engineering  which now going for cloning.
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In my view science is the root of technology....
Today's world is almost computerised.....
But that computer technology came from that silicon semiconductor properties which is science. So without science there is no technology.....
Similarly without technology there can be no new inventions in science too.
With the advent of computer ,the medicine field got so much advantage to analyse the data visually which decreases much time than to paper work which should be copied manually.
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I think that science works to discover the laws of nature since technology works according to these laws of nature...

Biologists have discovered the laws relating to the characteristics,structure,growth and development of plants.Scientists conduct researches to know how light,air water and other things influences plants. TECHNOLOGISTS used the obtained knowledge to increase the production of crops, for example.

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