What Is The Business Communication Psychological Barriers?


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There are different types of the business communication barriers like physical barriers, psychological barriers and environmental barriers. The psychological barriers are those which are involved with some human psychology due to which it can become hurdle in the way of communication and the communication can be distorted by the psychological barriers. So in order to make the communication flow in a better way, the psychological barriers are those like absence of mind, some fear during communication to a person who is communicating with others, excitement, emotionally not stable. So these are the factors which can influence the communication in the different ways.

It may be possible that a person who is communicating with another person and the other person is unable to interpret it in an other way due to the absence of mind. So if the person who is absent from mind will take the meaning of that communication in another way so this is the reason for the barrier in the communication in the business. Similarly if there is conversation between two people and one of them having certain fear in his mind due to that fear he can not concentrate on the communication with them or he may be listening that communication with a blank mind.
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Psychological barriers to communication include peoples emotion perceptions and selectivity

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