What Is Research Methodology?


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Research methodology is a collective term for the structured process of conducting research.  There are many different methodologies used in various types of research and the term is usually considered to include research design, data gathering and data analysis.

Research methodologies can be quantitative (for example, measuring the number of times someone does something under certain conditions) or qualitative (for example, asking people how they feel about a certain situation).  Ideally, comprehensive research should try to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative methodologies but this is not always possible, usually due to time and financial constraints.

Research methodologies are generally used in academic research to test hypotheses or theories.  A good design should ensure the research is valid, i.e. It clearly tests the hypothesis and not extraneous variables, and that the research is reliable, i.e. It yields consistent results every time.

Part of the research methodology is concerned with the how the research is conducted.  This is called the study design and typically involves research conducted using questionnaires, interviews, observation and/or experiments.

The term research methodology, also referred to as research methods, usually encompasses the procedures followed to analyze and interpret the data gathered.  These often use a range of sophisticated statistical analyses of the data to identify correlations or statistical significance in the results.

Objective, representative research can be difficult to conduct because tests can normally only be conducted on a small sample (e.g. You cannot test a drug on every person in the world so a sample needs to be used in research).  This means that researchers need to have a very detailed understanding of the types and limitations of research methodologies which they are using.
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There are two main types of research methodology, 1- Quantitative methodology, 2- Qualitative methodology.1- Quantitative methodology is the type by which you test the significance of your hypothesis, in other words you answer the words: How much? Is there a relationship?Quantitative methods tend to be systematic and use numbers... Actually it is a deep sea. However, 2- Qualitative methodology is the type by which you are depending on your observations and descriptions. It is subjectively and descriptive, no facts.... This kind of method is used to assess knowledges, attitudes, behaviours, and opinions of people depending on the topic of your research. Researcher, in this type of method use his opinion and experience which are not allowed to be used in quantitative method at all.About the types of sample and sample size, I think they are apart of research design not apart of the methodology.... For further reading please do not hesitate to send an email to me: [email protected]
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The system of collecting data for research projects is known as research methodology. The data may be collected for either theoretical or practical research for example management research may be strategically conceptualized along with operational planning methods and change management.

Some important factors in research methodology include validity of research data, Ethics and the reliability of measures most of your work is finished by the time you finish the analysis of your data.

Formulating of research questions along with sampling weather probable or non probable is followed by measurement that includes surveys and scaling. This is followed by research design, which may be either experimental or quasi-experimental. The last two stages are data analysis and finally writing the research paper, which is organised carefully into graphs and tables so that only important relevant data is shown.
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Research methodology is a systematic observation. It always gives facts information so its a kind of communication system as well.
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A theoretical approach towards research and should inform the design, data collection and analysis of the results
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Thanks for your answer, really useful. However, I think this is the study design, not methodology.
Theoretical approach is a design of a qualitative study by which you are adapting you sample in order to prove your own hypothesis, and called theoretical sample which is relatively closed in meaning to purposive sample.
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This refers to the ways used to obtain data which is required for different aspects,or simply its methods of data collection.
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It is when conducting a survey for a particular problem AND FINDING METHODS TO SOLVE IT
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method is a technique used in conducting a research. For example, conducting
interview for data collection, data analysis technique, sampling technique,

Whereas, research methodology is a set of research methods. Research methodology is
a systematic way of investigation on research problem.

It is a science of
studying how research is conducted systematically.  Research methodology outlines the systematic
path towards solving the research problem.

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A systematic, planned, structured and well organised data analysis either qualitative or quantitative or both, with the chief reason to explore a certain phenomenon or subject.

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