Define The Term Encoding In Communication?


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Encoding in computers is the method of putting characters such as punctuation, letters, symbols and numbers into a format that makes it more efficient for transmission or to be stored. The reason it is used is to enable communication where it is impossible to use usual forms of communication such as spoken word or written language.

Morse code is one example of this. Morse code is a system of transmitting word-based information as a series of tones in an on-off pattern, which can also be transcribed as lights or clicks such as you see in old war films. It needs no special equipment, just the learnt ability to recognise the code. The term dots and dashes are the way to describe the signalling, the international Morse code, encodes the Roman alphabet along with Arabic numerals, it can be recognised in many languages because of this.

Another form of encoding is Semaphore. This can be a semaphore line which is a Semaphore, optical, Chappe and Napoleonic telegraph or a shutter telegraph chain. This a system of conveying information by using visual signals usually with a tower or shutters this form of communication was mainly used in the 18th and 19 centuries. Semaphore flags are the system by using flags rods or disks or with gloved hands, the flags have fixed positions and this is how the code is conveyed.

The most widely used data communication has to be ASCII, this form of encoding is used in virtually all terminals, printers, personal computers and other communication equipment.

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