How Business Communication Is Life Blood Of An Organization?


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Communication is very essential for all the levels of business. For top level to communicate the imp. Decision, policies, commands, instructions, change in any type of business polices or requirements and also for having the feedback to/from their middle and lower level.
Middle level use communication network to direct, lead, motivate, make convince to do the work effictively and efficiently to the lower level persons and having feedback.
Lower level of business use communication to interact with each other to coridinate the business work.
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Business communication is often termed as the life blood of business concern justify this statement with an example?

Success of any business lies in effective communication. The more effective the communication is, the better the results are. Communication is effective when it produces desired action in the reader or audience. Effective communication is essential for the survival and progress of a business concern.

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential quality of a businessman. A person may be intelligent but he may not be able to get his message across to others. Ideas are generally common but the ability to convey then to others is rare.

A successful communicator exercises a good effect on the minds of his readers, employees, supervisors, customers, suppliers, investors and business associates. They form a good impression of the company and the communicator. He builds the goodwill of the company he represents. Goodwill of a person or company attracts customers and wins friends.

Therefore, the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing is an asset for the communicator. Through successful correspondence, he leads his business to success. The letters, reports, memos etc. He writes to the people demonstrate his ability or lack of it.

A successful communicator is able to run the affairs of a business house. He can plan well and control the working of his organization. He has the skill to transfer his policies, decisions, objectives and job instructions to the persons working with him at all levels. So this skill is quite essential for a businessman to perform his managerial functions.
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For a business to prosper communication is really important. For example if you have really a good product and are unable to advertise it or communicate to people then what is the use.
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It brings in the lolly, it markets the company name and how might it be a business if it did not have a strategic communication system to begin with - Businesses need to use multi-media ways of getting their message over.... Hope useful.
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Yes of course communication is life blood of business. Just imagine a situation where you be without communication? Communication is possible in any form be it verbal or written or non verbal. Its very important to communicate your ideas, strategies, plans, works, duties and responsibility, complaints, grievances etc in the organisation. Or else its just an dumb act.

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