How Components Of Business Communication Interact In Communication Process?


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Business communication is the two way process of sending and receiving business messages like promotion of product,service or organization etc.There are 6 components of communication process.
  1. Context
  2. Sender-encoder
  3. Message
  4. Medium
  5. Reveiver-decoder
  6. Feedback
Interaction of components in communication process.
Context is the main idea or specific reason or objective or aim of the message to be sent.Then comes the  Sender is the person who wants to send the message or deliver the message.Message is the combination of the sentences which is the most important part of the process as if you want to send any message then you will go through the whole process.Then comes the medium it could be oral or written depends on the urgency of the message.When the message is sent then there is reveiver of the message for whom the message was sent.Then the message is decoded and the desired feedback is given.
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Give information about business communication 1 sender 2 message 3 medium 4 decoder 5 feedback.
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Tell something about context of business communication

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