Aid of a diagram describe the business communication process?


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There are a variety of diagrams available that aim to describe the business communication process. One of these can be found online at:
This particular diagram is quite similar to other communication processes in which a speaker portrays a message that the receiver receives and gives back feedback. Within a business this model needs to be applied to ensure effective communication and an efficient work force.

  • To begin with, a speaker comes up with an idea that they wish to express. Within a business this could be a plan to save money, feelings about a fellow colleague or a way to improve the website. The speaker then needs to encode this idea into a message. This means that they need to talk about their idea with someone. The encoding will come in the form of how they choose to word and phrase the idea.
  • This message then travels over the channel where it is decoded by a receiver. The meaning and intention of the message is deciphered by the receiver and processed so that they understand the speaker's original idea.
  • In order for the communication process to be successful and complete a loop, the receiver must express some feedback about the message. This will ensure the speaker that the message has been received and understood. This feedback can come in the shape of a spoken response or simply a gesture. If the feedback given by the receiver is unexpected then it could mean that there has been some problem in the encoding and decoding of the message.
  • In some cases, the speaker will then additional feedback in response to the receiver. This could either be to clarify a point or to continue discussion about the idea.
This business communication process is one that is carried out by all companies. The success of communication within a business can determine the whole company's efficiency and productivity.

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