Why Do We Have Typhoons?


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Because we smoke and because we all people throw some garbage in the ponds lakes or rivers and it is because of water cycle that have 2 kind evaporation and condensation these  two have 1 kind and it is precautionary measures and some tips how to get rid in a typhoon
but first if you want to be safe you have to watch news so you can know what will happen tomorrow or day after tomorrow we should get ready if your place is the signal no. 4
a typhoon have different signals

signal no. 1 it is safe but the class is suspended in nursery to preparatory
signal no. 2it is safe but it is cold class is suspended in nursery to grade 3
signal no. 3 it is not safe but don't worry if you are just inside your house class is suspended in grade4 to 4th year high school
signal no. 4 it is so dangerous you can ready your things if you want to leave in your place because it may cause earthquake and super cold weather but don't go outside it is too dangerous because trees and posts are falling down so be safe class is suspended in nursery to 4th year college

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