How Has Science Done Harm To The Society?


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Science never done any harm to society on purpose. Science is a very vast field serving humans. Every invention can be used in both good and bad way. Weapons, on one hand serves as purpose of defending but also great deal of loss to innocent humans who are not involved in war directly.
T.V on one hand serves as very informative tool but on the other hand causes wastage of time by unnecessary programs.
Computers on one hand are very useful but are also used for so many crimes.
Cameras on one hand helps us capture our memories and used as security measure but on other hand they are also used for violating privacy and filming deplorable stuff.
So, at the end all that matters is how we use the inventions of science to make our society even more advanced or a disaster.
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Science never did any harm Science is a good servant but a bad master , if we understand this science can never harm us and will be more helpful than ever before without any destructions and with peace

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