What Are The Gender Barriers To Communication?


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Gender barriers to communication arise because men and women have a different way of communication and each feels uncomfortable while talking to the other because of the basic differences in communication styles. For example women on average speak around 25000 words a day while this number is around 7000 for men this shows that men are more precise while women like details and when the two communicate, they will get bored. Secondly, the speaking function of the brain in men is on the left side but in women it is located in both left and right hemispheres of the brain. This means that women link logic and emotions while talking and men mainly try to relate to logic. As a result of this men will not be able to understand what women have to say and vice versa.
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Gender barriers are things that society set up to try to force one to comply with being male or female. For example; males are not supposed to show emotion where females are supposed to be the ones to show their emotions. Almost every day more and more gender barriers are being broken down as society is becoming more accepting.
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Non-verbal communication
3: Smile
    body language
    eye contact
verbal communication
3: Repating

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